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Pseudo : DarkDain
Pays : United States United States
Race préférée : Orque
Statut sur le forum : Squire

New to online scene, would like to see how the game is against people, without thousand level heroes ruining it.

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The pink Orcs are almost as brave and strong as we greens. What they make up for in training time, they lack in air defense and siege damage.


Another late bloomer, late game powerhouse with archons, knight lords, and inquisitors spamming blades.

Créature du Fléau

The one drawback of the swampdwellers is their lack of backbone. From tier 1 ghouls and eyes, to hydra, big, bulky, slow no in betweens, many weaknesses... Pesky bomb spores though, not worry about disease though, WE ARE ORCS.


The red orcs composition is too mixed, some units go with others, some do not. Half air, half land, both go their separate ways, or why fly at all, red orc?

Elfe des bois

If i were to be an elf, i 'wood' be an elf. har har har. Finally elves with backbone, or root, or whatever, Treants are great troops, druids are great casters. Archers great after uprades.

Elfe noir

The most annoying of the female races, they only excel in casters and hero killing toys.


More annoying than anything, drying up your resources, snipe their townhall whenever you can, dont get drawn into a long fight, there base will probably be big and had to defend, bring AoE.


They tickle, they scratch, they itch, they annoy! Smush them all, shoot them down, dont let them turtle and research or they might tickle you to the bone.


Just another elf. Healing, archers, spears, horses. Couple casters with spammable aoe, deny them crystal, snipe their wisps.


Nothing but pointy stick wielders, cant lift a real weapon. Basic, average, versatile. Keep pressure on them or they'll mass an army of mages though.


Interesting sheep mechanic, low tier units keep their strength with many upgrades and abilities, drunken berserker tier 1 units are deadly. After hitting tier 5 they become super deadly with mass minotaur kings.


Too powerful, i retire from them! Use catapults as much as you can, burn all metal and crystal mines too far away to use. Starve them or join them.


The stout hairy happy orcs are almost as slow as the mean ones, resistance to elements means fighting them on the field where they like it. Do NOT underestimate dwarven ballistae, and mass runelords make the ground shake like giant dance.

Nain ténébreux

The short hairy angry orcs make orc like warriors from stone and iron, excellent in defense, even better in offense, great harassment attacks, but so dependent on each material for each unit.


Us? Uuuhh we not so great, come fight us! We die reeaaal easy.


One of my favorite races to be, and most hated to play, seriously the computer refuses to die with chameleon builders all over the world and constant flier harassment. Riders can chase down your heroes and mass priests are likely, bring cure and fire resistance.

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