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menininho de boné

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Pseudo : menininho de boné
Pays : Brazil Brazil
Race préférée : Elfe des bois
Statut sur le forum : Squire

I'm the worst player at all!

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For sure a very fast style of gaming! If you like to build a lot and have a very high number of army, the barbarian must be one of your favorite races! The army are made really fast and they may be upgraded with some skills to hit better some troops and constructions. For sure, you must build, put the constructors in mines and make a very great army! Until you have the titan (The best one. A flyer missile one!) and too many generals. They are very goood! (reavers!) And for sure, the flyers troops can make a very good smash in the opposite side! The lightining Hawck is a 'raper'! That's why the Fey are the second most nice race! But the barbarians are good! Playing without hero, or with a hero level 1, is for sure easy pease!

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