Warlords Battlecry 3

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Pseudo : Skullrogue
Pays : Netherlands Netherlands
Race préférée : Mort-vivant
Nom : S
Prénom : D
Courriel : donnymans@hotmail.com
Ville : Elst
Statut sur le forum : Squire

I like to build maps with great detail!
i like a bit of the Warcraft III idea of
hero sieges and tower defenses or just plain huge battle that req alot of tacs

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I do not play barbarian altho they have some pretty nice units that are i think average in all.. so you can create alot of avarage units that can become a huge striking force!


Stong cavelery! with some descent melee and casters among the ranks.

Créature du Fléau

I think they need a bath..
like the eye floating thingies..


Daemon's are strong but weak at the same time imo.. depends your play style

Elfe des bois

Do they realy live in trees O_o?

Elfe noir

Spiders are anoying and good if well used!! try too variate the units


I jsut hate bugs


Just build much i guess?:D


Archers are nice are they?


Good for mass build and defense and offense!


Strong units but slow build rate and a bit expensive!! alot of diffrent units with difrent powers! i like them but also dislike them.


<3 I just love being undead!
nice morphing powers!! you siege a stronghold with arrow ressistant skeletons then destroy the inner stronghold with tough and strong melee and casters!


Nice siege units with some stong melee
altho.. all units are kinda slow

Nain ténébreux

I like the bombs!:-o


Do those cobalts have wrats? like the trolls?


I liked dino's when i was a kid

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