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Pseudo : BoyLer
Pays : Hungary Hungary
Race préférée : Mort-vivant
Nom : Viktor
Prénom : Smler
Courriel : punkid@freemail.hu
Ville : Piliscsaba
Statut sur le forum : Squire

Pain is a question of wilpower!Lv30+ Daemon Warrior lvl20+ Plague Merchant
lvl20+ Undead Necromancer and lvl 20+ Barbarian Chieftain so whats my favourite race?! WBC3 rulz!!!^_^

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Typical ''we build a big army and raze everything down with big losses'' tactic
Only for chieftains...but they can upgrade resource income!


Smite them! Protect the good destroy everything which is evil thats the knights mission.The kinights are resistant to all psyhical damag but they dont love elemental damage.The Achon and the Inquisitor is pretty good if we have a good healer.Their XP upgrades are good but costs major ammount of gold!!!

Créature du Fléau

There is no cure! These twisted creatures diseases almost everything they touch(expect orcs and the undead)and can build bone catapults from Keep LvL~2 butthey need very much resouces to do that


Your soul is mine whaaahahaa! Nightmares raze 'em all! The others for the Daemons to exerecise.A ''good'' race to learn how to play.(resource income upgrade!!)

Elfe des bois

Now these Elves (just like the High Elves) can upgrade their health regeneration and research a powerful healing spell...but just like the two other Elven race they need crystal crystal and mooore crystal....

Elfe noir

Who will die this day? This is the best race for mages(lore skill, Void->Mana upgrades)they need major ammount of crystal but thats why Ancient Wisps for.Sorcerors,Assasins,Dk Riders/Archers,Sp. Prietesses and Blackguards and ''nothing can stop you'',but poison and the assasination gonna be boring after some time(bttle)


I hte to fight aganist them. They always drain my mines! And if I play with them,they are too expensive!Crystal,stone and gold are never enough for this race!!


Well these small...ohm..things. I dont know much about them:they are resistant to Magic Damage,have no siege weapons,good XP an resource income upgrades...thats all...??


A rce for IceMages the only Elf race that has one(!) siege weapon which can csat a spell and useless aganist buildings.Cold Damage is no matter but piercing damage will kill these units faster.(The three Elven races are the bset or mages due to their Lore Skill)


For the Emperor! This race can call soldiers from other races and have 3 generals(red black and white mages)but besides that only the Elephant is good..or is it? Well at last the pikemen coud be useful with some griffons


In Sartek's name! This neutral race pray for Sartek the dismembered god and the only neutral race which can build siege weapons.The basilisk,the shamen, axe throwers.and some gnolls.This race has the best general(i think).


Aaahhh..We are enough! The Undead can raise up their armies from the almost lost battles bony field,and theyy can transform any of their units from the skeletons!Now however,the transformation is good, it costs more resources and we need necromancy to change day to night(skill+6)or lvl 4 Deathkeep+Dark Citadel(skill)...


Now these small annoying are ''loving'' elemental'' damage(expect the berserker) and they love to build a huge army with Kahzmiri Guards and Siege Weapons and then raid their enemy.The best tctic aganist them is the rush.

Nain ténébreux

Ring the weapons of doom! Now this race is the the ''i'll own u with my siege wepz and golemz'' race with some firebombs they can raze dozens of buildings in short time..and they were corrupted by Lord Bane himself whahahaha!


FOR THE HORDE!These greenskins can build siege weapons from lvl 2 keep but dunno why they cant repair their buildings.Te Goblin Shamen are good but keep them away from the battlefront and protect them with some trolls and ogres.


The Lizards.Well,neutral race.no siege weapons ''metal eaters'', but almost all troops can poison.Besides that some troops(Snakepriest!) produced slower than the normal....

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