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Pseudo : LizardLord
Pays : England England
Race préférée : Ssrathi
Nom : Carta
Prénom : Danny
Courriel : CARTER4052@hotmail.co.uk
Ville : Doncaster
Statut sur le forum : Squire

Best RTS game ever! Only other game that comes close is command and conquer..
Wish i could get my multiplayer working though :(

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Not come very far since the first version of the game but still a good race.


Very strong units, a good race to be.

Créature du Fléau

A nice adition to the game but average in my opinion.


There units look to bright, cartoony and friendly to be daemons to me lol... A very strong race to be though.

Elfe des bois

Wood Elfs have always been a favorite of mine, a good race.

Elfe noir

I love there spiders and how they make more by laying eggs after killing, a good race.


Swarm is a really nice idea, i think they could have expanded the variety of bugs and stuff though..


I think this race is pointless lol.


Another race like the dwarfs, not that exciting but there a race you just have to have to make this game complete.


Empire are simple and have good units.


I love the minotaurs, i was disapointed on WBC1 as they had very few units, but now they have alot more to enjoy.


With the addition of Liche Dragon and Bone Calvalry i think there a good race to be.


Another race that hasnt come far since the first version of the game but still it wouldnt be the same without the dwarfs, i dont like being them but there still ok.

Nain ténébreux

I dont like the dark dwarfs and i hate being them.


Orcs have lots of good and interesting units and buildings, I love being them.


A race I have waited for a long time to see on the game, as a warhammer fan and a lizard man collecter i couldnt wait to get hold of this race! I also love there dinosaurs.. very good!

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