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Pseudo : Uumdi
Pays : United States United States
Race préférée : Haut-elfe
Nom : Keen
Prénom : Kyle
Courriel : uumdi@yahoo.com
Ville : Woodridge, IL
Statut sur le forum : Squire

All things, all circumstances that occur outside of ourselves, on the stage of this world, are, without exception, the reflection of what we carry within.
-Samael Aun Weor

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Great race before and after upgrades, yet they're very upgradable. Range is limited but they're quick and strong, able to put all their resources to use.

An old trick since WBC1 I've always liked was putting barbarians in towers.


Great potential, but extremely reliant on gold/metal. I'd honestly say though, they can be the strongest race there is.

Créature du Fléau

I think they should be renamed the Swarm. Wonderful race to rush and mass. You can upgrade quick and make great use of all your materials early on, using gold and crystal for ghouls, metal for slimes, and stone to keep your keep upgraded and so research.

Before the 1.3 patch, putting eyes of flame in towers gave towers a dragonbreath effect, doing splash damage. It was ridiculous, but got fixed.


Slow but incredibly powerful. If you balance your resources carefully, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Elfe des bois

Extremely powerful archer race. Treants lose their effectiveness in comparison to mass range units. Even their sprites get +10dmg/+4range, causing a cheap scout unit to even become an extremely powerful fighting force, paired with the elven hunter - IMO the best unit they have hands down.

The ability to horde ancient wisps, trade resources, and even build magic wells (which only take up 4 grid squares) to generate gold and boost population limit - they have the most potential of any race I think.

Elfe noir

They were always one of my favorite races to play in WB1 and WB2. They seem to fall short in WB3 though. Very very crystal intensive. Ancient wisps can make up for that. Blackguards and researched magic will always make them a worthy opponent.


I haven't played them as much as I should have. They're a good race, though I do not know a great deal. Husks are basically skeletons, scarabs are nice, and the set of scorpian units are effective as well. They are incredibly powerful if you have the time and population to afford priests summoning fire elementals as well.


Sure they're really gay, weak, and are obnoxious to listen to, they hold great potential. Once they're set up, economy gets rolling. If there's animals wandering on the map - make your starting towers shoot them into crystal.


Very powerfully balanced race with great economic potential. Quick to upgrade, while stone and crystal are spent on the keep, gold and metal are kept on cranking out cavalry. Though wood-elves are the archer race, moonguards are unrivaled if you can support the metal for them. Setting unicorns to magic attitudes will save you some micromanagement as well and save you in battle.


One of my less played races. They're good. Elephants are alright, but it feels like this race can get trumped by the others.


Simple arrangement of powerful units, but requires skill to play. Upgrades play a key, making even your most basic minotaur unit an incredible force. Backed with a 100 damage general that ignores armor - you've got power.


Extremely well balanced, able to create powerful armies in an instant - however, I find them alot less effective than they were in the previous games, WB1+2. Their economy is brutal, and it is not cheap at all to upgrade your units. Wights are not up to speed with other palace level 2 units, and are terrible until morphed.

Skeleton cavalry are fast, stronger than even I once thought though, and have the same resistance bonus that make skeletons useful. While metal and crystal go to making your main troops, they make perfect use of your leftover gold/stone.

That's ok though - I honestly can't decide if they're my favorite race or if high elves are. Its a tie.


Walking tanks, and still a decent amount of magic and range. If they had fire arrows they'd be incredible.

Nain ténébreux

They're more golems then they are really dwarves. Iron golems pumping out firebombs will always be possibly the most overpowered technique ever if you have the time and can support the population for it.


Excellent race, very balanced and incredibly offensive, pairing up strength with speed. Buildings and defense are lacking, especially with no ability to repair, so keep on the move.


Tough economy to work with. Strongest beginning infantry, but it costs metal to build them, which you need a great deal of for upgrading and everything else. Their priests are incredible, and pterodactyls get insane damage vs. air and buildings.

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